Cemetery List


Hobbs Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Lillie Abbott|Wife of Samuel01/09/189633Marble base broken

Sarah Benson|Wife of Euran Hobbs06/07/185441Marble clear but worn

Abiah Coffin|Wife of Jonathan1844?78Fieldstone monument with Jonathan Knights

Abigail Hobbs|Wife of Henry07/07/184169Marble reset and leveled 8/98

Abigail Hobbs|Daughter of Henry/Abigail05/09/181410Slate uprighted 8/98

Amy Hobbs|Wife of Nathaniel06/06/187275Marble sound with name of Nathaniel

Benjamin Hobbs|Son of Henry/Abigail06/16/182219Slate broken and set in ground 8/98

Eunice Hobbs|Daughter of Henry/Abigail04/20/184531Marble leveled

Euran H. Hobbs|Son of Euran/Lydia09/11/18649 mosMarble clear but worn 8/98

Euran H. Hobbs|08/12/188170Marble clear but worn

Hannah A. Hobbs|Daughter of Levi/Louisa06/14/18342Slate epoxied 8/98

Henry (eld) Hobbs|03/20/184890Marble cemented and set in place 8/98

Henry Jr. Hobbs|11/03/183636Slate epoxied 8/98

Leaphy Hobbs|Daughter of Henry/Abigail09/29/182832Slate broken and stained

Levi Hobbs|Son of Henry/Abigail12/29/183832Marble set without keystone 8/98

Lucena A. Hobbs|Wife of Levi07/13/187324Marble cemented and uprighted 8/98

Mary A. Hobbs|Daughter of EH/Sarah10/21/185822Marble leveled and cemented 8/98

Nathaniel Hobbs|11/18/184855Marble sound with name of Amy

Unknown Hobbs|Infant daughters (3)0Marble clear but worn 3 infant

MaryJane Knight|Wife of Simeon04/01/185726 yr. 9 mos 17 daysMarble cemented 8/98

Jonathan Knights|1848?84Rev.Fieldstone monument with Abiah Coffin

Hosea Merrifeld|05/28/185749Marble leveled and cemented 8/98

MaryJane Merrifeld|Wife of Hosea04/29/184132Marble set upright 8/98

Daniel Patten|03/22/187179Marble cemented and uprighted 8/98

James Patten|03/14/184822Marble cemented and uprighted 8/98

Lydia Patten|Wife of Euran Hobbs5/10/190278Marble cemented 8/98

Phebe Patten|Wife of Daniel02/26/185657Marble cemented and uprighted 8/98

William Patten|06/06/186031Marbel cemented and uprighted 8/98

Henry Smith|03/01/188163Marble broken with stains 8/98

Susan Smith|Wife of Henry03/07/188167Marble double headstone with Henry