Cemetery List


East Waterboro Village Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Alice Dolley|Daughter of Geo/Emma8 mos

Emma R. Dolley|Wife of George Dolley4/25/191874

George C. Dolley|1/29/191175

Mary E. Dolley|Daughter of Geo/Emma05/10/189823

L.G. Follette|02/27/189624

Marie J. Follette|Wife of William5/2/191767

Warren A. Follette|0Civil

William A. Follette|Father3/28/192679Civil

Anna Ford|03/10/184665

Charity Ford|Wife of John Ford08/02/188274

Elizabeth Ford|07/01/184211

Elmira Ford|0

Elmira Ford|Daughter of Miles/Anna10/04/183714

James Ford|Son of Miles/Anna Ford01/04/184329

John Ford|08/08/187768

Miles Ford|02/21/184432

Miles Ford|03/08/186487

Phylena Ford|06/15/188245

John F. Gordon|Son of Richard/Nancy08/23/185218

Nancy Gordon|Wife of Richard Gordon02/16/183431

Betsey Hanson|Wife of Warren Hanson03/28/188575

Hattie E. Hanson|Daughter of Warren/Betsey01/02/18598

Joseph W. Hanson|10/31/187834

Warren Hanson|11/02/187166

Nellie F. Kimball|Wife of Curtis Kimball11/11/182860

Alonzo Wakefield|4/20/190867

Clarinda Wakefield|Wife of Alonzo06/12/189854

Elmer E. Wakefield|Son of Alonzo/Clarinda08/11/18641