Cemetery List


Chase/Stevens Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Alice P. Chase|Wife of John4/20/190072

George P. Chase|9/6/192877

Hattie A. Chase|Wife of George2/19/191664

John Chase|11/19/189485

John A. Chase|Son of John/Mary10/12/18431

Mary Ann Chase|Wife of John04/22/184836

Walter W. Chase|Son of George/Hattie03/25/188810

Abby Hasty|Daughter of Gilbert/Lucy05/04/18157

Andrew B. Hasty|07/18/184743

Elsie H. Hasty|Wife of Gilbert12/04/188347

Gilbert Hasty|08/15/182662

Gilbert Hasty|4/13/190169

Hattie A. Hasty|0

Lucy Hasty|Wife of Gilbert07/13/185976

Mary C. Hasty|04/09/185621

Phebe G. Hasty|09/23/187134

Rhoda Hasty|Wife of Andrew04/22/186155

Walter W. Hasty|Son of George/Hattie03/25/18889

Martha Perry|Daughter of Ben/Susan02/17/17902

Susannah Perry|Wife of Capt. Benjamin08/21/178941

Alice Ricker|Wife of Jabez09/26/183850

Jabez Ricker|12/14/184350

Joseph Ricker|Son of Jabez/Alice1823?6

Samuel Ricker|Son of Jabez/Alice1823?9

Timothy Ricker|Son of Jabez/Alice1823?3

Henry Sayward|04/16/181233

John Dr. Sayward|03/03/184340

Mary E. Sayward|Daughter of Henry/Ruth03/07/181511

Eliabeth hayes Stevens|Wife of Henry1/14/190377

Henry S. Stevens|05/06/189874

James Stevens|09/07/185684

James Edgar Stevens|06/20/18697

Ruth Stevens|Wife of James03/09/186784

Sally H. Stevens|Daughter of James/Ruth03/01/183722

Sarah Lizzie Stevens|02/09/187317