Cemetery List


Chadbourne/Hooper Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Collins M. Chadbourne|08/22/186426CivilMarble epoxied & recemented 9/90

Hannah H. Chadbourne|03/18/185818Marble recemented 9/90

Jason Chadbourne|04/15/185126Marble epoxied & recemented 9/90

Joann Chadbourne|10/17/185826Marble recemented 9/90

Melvina Chadbourne|01/11/192084Marble discolored

Monument Chadbourne|0Marble monument with 4 Chadbournes

Paul Chadbourne|01/04/188651CivilMarble clear but worn

Betsy Hooper|Wife of Joseph08/14/182865Slate with different front

Caroline Hooper|Wife of Daniel Hooper02/21/185625Marble base mvd 3' E due to roots 7/90

Daniel Hooper|12/13/18600Marble epoxied 7/90

Daniel H. Hooper|Son of Daniel/Caroline05/10/18590Marble broken set Caroline's s stone

Gilman Hooper|Son of John/Nancy11/13/18308Marble reset summer of 1989

John Hooper|Son of Joseph/Betsy12/04/18684Marble double name epoxied 7/90

Joseph Hooper|03/11/185894Marble recemented 9/90

Nancy Hooper|Wife of John05/08/18750Marble double name epoxied 7/90

Rachael Hooper|Wife of Tristram Hooper05/01/186569Marble cleaned & recemented 9/90

Tristram Hooper|09/27/184353Marble not footing cleaned 9/90

Unknown|0Fieldstone unmarked

Unknown|Mother0Marble recemented 9/90

Unknown|Father0Marble recemented 9/90

Unknown|0Schist (3 markers all sunken)

Elijah Unknown|12/18/186019CivilMarble cleaned & recemented 9/90

Jason/Hannah/Joann/E Unknown|0