Cemetery List


Weymouth Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Edna D. Clough|Mother1877194972

Elizabeth A. Clough|Wife of Nathan18370

John W. Clough|Father1870194373

Nathan Clough|1839191071

Ruth W. Clough|Wife of Thomas1808185749

Thomas Clough|1805188283

Charlotte Cluff|Daughter Jeremiah/Rebecca04/19/188665

Elizabeth Cluff|Wife of Samuel10/15/188366

Jeremiah Cluff|08/26/189276

Samuel Cluff|07/10/188067

Allison Day|Son Edmund/Lucilla12/05/18702

Benjamin Day|01/09/188463

Daniel Day|07/31/185044

Edmund W. Day|Father03/27/189043

Edward L. Day|12/2/195366

Emma N. Day|daughter Edmund/Lucille10/14/18742 mos.

Frank B. Day|Son of Benjamin/Hannah01/12/18679

Hannah A. Day|Wife of Benjamin11/7/190373

Joseph Day|Son of Sam/Sarah04/24/187152

Lucilla Day|Mother06/03/187227

Mary Day|Wife of Thoedore03/18/186558

N/A Day|Infant son of Ben/Hannah09/22/18640

Samuel Day|Father03/17/186786

Sarah Day|Mother02/12/186486

Melvin. W. Ferren|son of Eben/Nettie07/09/18725 mos

Nettie M. Ferren|wife of Eben08/30/187223

Charles F. Roberts|son of Lewis/Susan07/14/18467

Olive J. Shannon|08/03/188442

Loretta L. Tarbox|02/18/187524

Ella F. Tufts|Wife of William12/03/188221

Unknown Unknown|N/AFeildstones without inscriptions (8)

Algernon S. Weymouth|Son Edmund/Hannah1866194074

Anstres D. Weymouth|Wife of Tobias04/22/188251

Catherine G. Weymouth|Daughter Tobias/Mary01/07/186313

Charlotte Weymouth|Wife of John11/28/185265

Edmund Weymouth|Father1825190075

Ella E. Weymouth|Daughter Edmund/Hannah02/06/18637

Ella M. Weymouth|Daughter Calvin/Myra11/18/18862

Hannah Weymouth|Mother1827189265

John Weymouth|N/A0War of 1812

John Weymouth|05/09/185382

Joseph A. Weymouth|11/07/18411

Mary M. Weymouth|Wife of Tobias01/01/186344

Nancy Weymouth|Wife of Stephen05/03/185155

Stephen Weymouth|N/A0Revolut.

Stephen Weymouth|02/01/186677

Stephen Weymouth|Son of Tobias/Anstres05/14/188212

Tobias Weymouth|08/15/188875

William C. Weymouth|08/11/184323

William C. Weymouth|Son of Tobias/Mary01/31/186320