Cemetery List


West Road Community Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Almira Andrews|Mother10/15/189859N/AMarble double headstone with Frank

Frank Andrews|Father4/2/190050N/AMarble double headstone with Almira

Herbert C. Andrews|10/3/194467N/AMarble-broken

Ira E. Andrews|09/01/18784N/AMarble realigned/recemented 6/99

Bradford Bean|08/16/186847N/AMarble leveled 10/98

Joseph Bean|09/11/187883N/AMarble sound

Joseph Bean|Son of Joseph/Julia12/05/18414 mos.N/ASlate placed by tree 10/98

Joseph E. Bean|Son of Bradford/Louisa09/19/187225N/AMarble leveled 10/98

Joseph Jr. Bean|11/24/184123N/ASlate placed against tree 10/98

Louisa J. Bean|Wife12/25/188254N/AMarble reset 10/98

Lucy Bean|Wife of Richard07/17/184859N/AMarble broken

Mary Bean|Daughter of John/Susan10/29/18434N/AFieldstone missing since 1965

Mary Bean|Wife of Joseph11/17/188173N/AMarble sound

Mary Bean|Wife of Richard05/06/184188N/ASlate with stains 5/98

Otis Bean|Son of John/Susan01/03/18467 mos.N/ASlate with Susan good condition

Richard J. Bean|Son of Joseph/Mary10/25/187324N/AMarble elaborate in good condition

Richard Bean|01/15/180656N/AMarble with stains 10/98

Richard Bean|03/09/183548N/AMarble unsound

Susan Bean|Daughter of John/Susan01/20/18448 mos.N/ASlate with Otis good condition

Ellen L. Downs|Wife of W.G.7/30/19240

W.G. Downs|06/12/18940

Eliza A. Emery|2/11/19000N/AMarble double headstone leveled 10/95

Everett E. Emery|03/11/18890N/AMarble uprighted 10/95

Frank A. Emery|1934?0N/AMarble sound

Huldah T. Emery|Wife of Jacob1828?68N/AMarble sound

Jacob Emery|1844?87CivilMarble sound

John Emery|09/01/186482N/AMarble recemented in base 10/98

John F. Emery|04/10/18870N/AMarble sound

Joseph B. Emery|1924?0N/AGranite Monument

Mary A. Emery|10/15/190659N/AGranite Monument

Moses J. Emery|03/23/18020CivilGranite Monument

Munroe Emery|09/01/188966N/AMarble double headstone fallen 5/98

Nancy J. Emery|9/22/190574N/AMarble sound

Orrin A. Emery|02/09/189028N/AMarble tilted in ground 10/95

Rosa M. Emery|1930?0N/AGranite Monument

Rosannah Emery|10/08/186867N/AMarble recemented in base 10/98

Samuel B. Emery|06/14/186614N/AMarble recemented 10/95

Temperance Emery|Wife10/17/189863N/AMarble double headstone fallen 5/98

Thatcher J. Emery|04/02/18990N/AMarble double headstone with Eliza

Cumfort Fisk|Wife of John11/16/182472N/ASlate sound

Ivory B. Fisk|Son of John/Nancy06/17/185317N/ASlate sunken

Ivory B. Fisk|Son of John/Nancy02/02/18322N/ASlate epoxied 10/96

John Fisk|10/02/184660N/AMarble top piece set in key 5/98

John Fisk|04/26/182579N/ASlate sound

John Fisk|10/27/187561N/AMarble broken

Mark Fisk|03/12/18420N/ASlate broken

Mary A. Fisk|09/22/18990N/AMarble epoxied 10/97

Nancy Fisk|Wife of John12/18/18630N/AMarble top piece set in key 5/98

Nathan Fisk|0Slate broken

Sarah Fisk|Wife of John11/16/182330N/AMarble recemented 5/98

Scholla U. Fisk|03/08/186424N/AMarble leveled 10/98

Aaron Gowen|01/04/185522N/AMarble elaborate sound

Jennie M. Littlefield|02/19/187428N/AMarble headstone no base 10/98

Sidney P. Littlefield|06/16/18878N/AMarble base cemented 10/98

Eunice Maddox|Wife of Jacob05/17/187377N/AMarble sound

Jacob Maddox|01/21/18580N/AMarble sound

Dorothy Pike|08/07/183627N/AMarble cemented top half 6/98

Elias Pike|09/12/182549N/AMarble leveled 10/97

Elias Pike|Son of Richard/Eunice09/27/185010N/ASlate epoxied and reset 10/97

Elizabeth Pike|Wife of Joseph06/27/184879W-1812Marble sound

Eunice Pike|Wife of Richard4/6/190185N/AMarble recemented 10/97

Hopey Pike|09/03/183718N/ASlate reset 10/97

Joseph Pike|12/07/185791N/AMarble sound

Joseph Pike|03/29/182992Rev.Slate sound

Lucy Pike|Daughter of Richard/Eunice05/15/18459 mos.N/ASlate sound recemented 5/98

Luna Pike|11/24/188615N/AMarble reset in key 10/98

Lydia H. Pike|11/24/187435N/AMarble recemented 10/97

Mary E. Pike|Daughter of Richard/Eunice05/18/188235N/AMarble reset beside key 10/97

Nathan Pike|02/08/186562N/AMarble set in base 5/98

Richard Pike|04/03/187164N/AMarble recemented 10/97

Sarah Pike|07/30/188597N/AMarble leveled key 6/98

Sarah Pike|03/30/183291N/ASlate sound

Susanna Pike|Wife of Elias04/02/186081N/AMarble recemented 10/97

Orin Pray|08/22/18690N/AMarble leveled and cemented 6/98

George Ricker|12/25/18338

Andrew Roberts|Son of Benj. And Phoebe12/30/18467 yrs. 10 mos.

Andrew J. Roberts|04/01/184568

Annah Roberts|Wife of Benjamin11/21/189277 yrs. 5 mos.

Annette Roberts|Daughter of Benj./Phoebe05/17/18850

Benjamin Roberts|4/29/19020

Cyrus C. Roberts|Son of Jeremiah and Alma11/18/18563 mos.

Elizabeth Roberts|Wife of Jeremiah05/01/185070

Emily J. Roberts|Daughter of Samuel and Rebecca09/03/188432

Eunice Roberts|Wife of Andrew J.08/13/186485

Eunice J. Roberts|Daughter of Benj./Phoebe11/09/18600

Jeremiah Roberts|01/02/18540

Lillian E. Roberts|Wife of Frank04/16/189929N/AMarble cleaned 10/95

Lizzie L. Roberts|Daughter of Jeremiah and Alma04/25/18585 mos.

Octavia Roberts|Daughter of Jeremiah and Alma02/04/18424 yrs, 8 mos.

Phoebe Roberts|Wife of Benjamin08/23/185442 yrs, 9 mos.

Rebecca P. Roberts|Wife of Samuel K.05/18/187659

Samuel K. Roberts|01/22/18810

Freeman G. Smith|1922?0N/AMarble broken 10/95

Mary A. Smith|2/5/19010N/AMarble sound

Sarah L. Smith|Wife of Freeman1929?0N/AMarble broken 10/95

Helen Roberts Towne|Daughter of Marcus and Ida M.18851886

Ida M. Towne|Wife of Marcus W.18551887

Rebecca Ida Towne|18831923

Hephzibah Walker|Wife of John04/20/187673

John Walker|06/18/185865 yrs, 5 mos.