Cemetery List


William Swett Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Eunice H. Leavitt|Daughter of William/Sally02/03/186023Marble sound

Ann Maybell Stone|Daughter of Theodore/Leaphy07/13/186915Marble epoxied 5/95

Everett Stone|Son of Theodore/LeaphyN/A1Marble sound

James Stone|03/12/188369Marble recemented 5/95

Leaphy H. Stone|Wife of Theodore10/14/188758Marble double headstone sound

Mary Stone|Wife of Ivory Stone03/19/186171Marble clear but worn

Theodore Stone|04/19/189884Marble double headstone sound

Welcome Stone|Son of James/PC Stone08/04/187112 wksMarble sound

Benjamin H. Swett|Father09/09/189067Marble leveled 5/95

Elvira M. Swett|Daughter of William/Sally03/11/188849Marble leveled base 5/95 double headstone

Eunice H.L. Swett|Daughter of Ben/Mary02/12/18616 mosMarble cemented in place 6/95

Henry J. Swett|Son of William/Sally10/29/185527Marble sound

John Swett|Son of Dan/Sarrah Swett07/05/18312Slate repaired 5/95

Martha A. Swett|Daughter of William/Sally11/06/188451Marble leveled base 5/95 double headstone

Martha E. Swett|Daughter of Ben/Mary04/28/18667Marble cemented in place 6/95

Mary S. Swett|Wife of Benjamin10/29/187440Marble sound

Sally Swett|Wife of William Swett11/16/187274Marble sound

William H. Swett|Son of Ben/Mary Swett08/12/18648 mos.Marble cemented 5/95

William H. Swett|Son of Ben/Mary Swett04/27/18666 mosMarble cemented/washed 5/95

William Capt. Swett|11/13/188484Marble sound