Cemetery List


Scribner Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Hannah Bean|Wife of Abraham02/09/187989Marble recemented 6/99

Hannah Gile|05/10/180179Marble cemented 3 pieces 6/99

John Gile|12/31/185173Marble sound

Edward Harmon|1796?0Rev.Fieldstone & marble good

William Parsons|son John/Lovey05/22/18091Slate set in ground 6/99

A. H. Scribner|17761779?3Fieldstone

B.K. Scribner|17961815?19Fieldstone

Charles A. Scribner|Son Sam/Sarah07/22/18431Slate Sound

Charles. E. Scribner|Son Sam/Sarah04/01/184111 mosSlate sound

E. P. Scribner|1791?0Fieldstone

Edward Scribner|03/24/180436Slate worn

Edward Scribner|03/24/180436Marble stone replaced 6/99

Hannah Scribner|Wife of John09/06/183563Slate sunken

J.P. Scribner|18071808?1Fieldstone

M. P. Scribner|1794?2 mosFieldstone

M. S. Scribner|1779?0Fieldstone

Naphtah H. Scribner|son Sam/Sarah10/09/18226Slate set in ground 6/99

P. D. Scribner|1749?65Fieldstone

P. O. Scribner|17971815?18Fieldstone

Samuel Scribner|08/01/184350Slate Growing in tree

Sarah M. Scribner|Daughter Sam/Sarah12/14/18369Slate sound

Sarah M. Scribner|Daughter Sam/Sarah07/21/18435Slate sound

Sarah P. Scribner|Wife of Samuel04/08/184644Slate epoxied & leveled 6/99

N/A Unknown|0Fieldstone