Cemetery List


Mitchell/Sedgley Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Bertie J. Mitchell|Son of John/Susie12/28/18725Marble reset with epoxy

Catherine Mitchell|Wife of Joshua03/13/188673Marble set back onto pedestal

Daniel H. Mitchell|01/18/188420Marble reset and epoxied 9/98

George Mitchell|04/18/188815Marble on pedestal

John Mitchell|12/29/188948Marble on pedestal

Johnnie S. Mitchell|Son of John S./Susie B.03/30/18871Marble on pedestal

Joshua Mitchell|09/15/185648Marble reset and epoxied 9/98

Lila Mitchell|Daughter of John/Susie08/13/18694Marble reset with epoxy

Daniel Sedgeley|04/01/181555Marble recemented 10/97

Daniel Sedgeley|Son of William/Mary12/27/183921Marble reset and epoxied 10/97

John Sedgeley|Son of William/Mary12/30/184018Marble reset and epoxied 10/97

Mary Sedgeley|Wife of William Sedgley02/05/187388Marble epoxied 10/97 also recemented

Nicholas C. Sedgeley|Son of William/Mary09/16/184722Marble reset and epoxied 10/97

Phebe Sedgeley|daughter of William/Mary12/17/183623Marble reset top half only 10/97

William Sedgeley|01/09/187688Marble recemented 10/97