Cemetery List


Knights/Kimball Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Annah J. Kimball|Daughter of C.W./ H.09/09/18608Marble Recemented 9/95

Charles W. Kimball|05/22/186852Marble set in ground 9/95

Ellen M. Kimball|Daughter of C.W./ H.11/17/188948Marble Recemented 9/95

Daniel Knight|04/10/185978Marble epoxied 9/95

Mary A. Knight|Daughter of Daniel/Miriam10/07/188066Marble clear but worn

Miriam Knight|Wife of Daniel12/30/184656Marble epoxied 9/95

Miriam A. Knight|Daughter of Daniel/Miriam02/19/186711Marble mostly decipherable

Alpheus Knights|01/??/189477Granite Black monument sound

Herbert A. Knights|01/??/192146Granite flat polished stone sound

Herbert A. Knights|01/??/192146Granite Black monument sound

Huldah F. Knights|Wife of Herbert01/??/190317Granite Black monument sound

Lizzie Knights|Wife of Simon0Granite Black monument sound

Mary Knights|81Marble 2 pieces cemented 9/95

Simon Knights|01/??/189367Granite Black monument sound

Zebulon Knights |10/24/187278Marble 2 pieces cemented 9/95

Unknown|Wife of Daniel?0Marble replaced in key 9/95