Cemetery List


Hamilton Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Alice M. Hamilton|Wife of Charles01/23/189622Marble tilted

Charles H. Hamilton|1/6/191456Marble adhesive 1/4 way up

Charles L. Hamilton|1/18/190878CivilMarble replaced on base 6/97

Joseph R. Hamilton|Son of Richard/Olive01/06/184821Marble reset 6/97

Luther O. Hamilton|Son of Richard/Olive07/26/184716Marble epoxied 7/97

Mary A. Hamilton|Wife of Charles L.02/22/189969Marble leveled 6/97

Olive Hamilton|Wife of Richard12/10/181955Marble epoxied 6/97

Phebe A. Hamilton|Daughter Of Charles/Mary10/19/18726 mosMarble sound

Porter Hamilton|12/27/181622Marble reset 6/97

Richard Hamilton|09/20/185662War 1812Marble top part leaning 6/97

Walter H. Hamilton|Son of Charles/Mary04/26/18564 mosMarble leveled 6/97

Unknown|0Slate broken no markings