Cemetery List


A. Gray Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Wadsworth W. Garey|Son of Louis/Minnie4/24/19010Marble reset on base 10/94

Andrew Gray|02/11/185080Slate fragments left on site 6/95

David Gray|03/07/189984Marble recemented 10/94

Elizabeth Gray|Wife of Andrew10/00/18490Slate fragments left 6/95

Lydia S. Gray|Daughter Of Andrew7/22/19395Slate epoxied 6/95

Lydia Gray|Wife of David Gray10/12/191666Marble recemented 10/94

Unknown Gray|0Slate fragments

Charles Stedman|Son of Geo/Mary03/27/18540Slate repaired 6/95

Mary E. Stedman|Dau. Of Geo/Mary12/10/186426Marble sides crumbled 6/95

Mary Stedman|Wife of Geo Stedman11/04/186756Marble cleaned 10/94

Sally Stimson S. Stedman|Daughter Of Geo/Mary02/14/185039Slate reset 10/94

Ruth S. Stone|Wife of Luther Stone06/17/187973Marble recemented 10/94

Carol Unknown|0Slate fragments 10/94