Cemetery List


Earl/Gerry/Whitehouse Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Elenor (sic) Earl|Wife of James Earl06/28/186379Marble unsound/titled

Ivory Earl|Son of James/Elenor11/21/188977Marble unsound/titled

James Earl|12/19/186368Marble unsound/chipped

Mary Earl|Wife of Ivory Earl06/16/188768Marble unsound/titled

Ezra Fluent|09/25/187579Marble sound cond.

Rhoda Fluent|Wife of Ezra Fluent06/09/187181Marble sound cond.

Lottie A. Gerry|Daughter of Charles/Annie6/9/19014Marble clear but worn

Almira E. Huff|Wife of Eben huff1906?80Marble sound cond.

Eben S. Huff|1879?55Marble sound cond.

Lydia M. Smith|Wife of Daniel Smith12/30/189661Marble sound cond.

Edward R. Whitehouse|07/20/186157Marble sound cond.

Mary Whitehouse|Wife of Edward08/20/187167Marble sound cond.

Nathan Whitehouse|02/15/187141Marble sound cond.