Cemetery List


Deering Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Algie O. Bennett|02/26/188218

Arvilla A. Bennett|Wife of Francis00/00/1928?93

B. Bennett|08/24/187972

B. F. Bennett|08/25/189659

Francis M. Bennett|1912?68

J. D. Bennett|11/01/18321

Josephine T. Bennett|Wife of B.F.1918?72

Mary Bennett|04/27/187464

Almira G. Dearing|Wife of Isaac8/24/190878

Clarissa Dearing|Wife of Hon. Isaac01/03/187380

Elizabeth C. Dearing|Daughter of Isaac/Clarissa12/03/186034

Howard S. Dearing|10/04/190952

Isaac Dearing|12/16/187279

Isaac N. Dearing|11/26/189564

A.L. Deering|10/29/192362

Arthur N. Deering|7/22/191654

Betsey Deering|Wife of Jonathan06/04/187081

Estella C. Deering|10/2/194081

Eunice Deering|Wife of William01/10/186583

James L Deering|19378/25/195518

Jonathan Deering|04/05/186890

Lilla A. Deering|6/20/193671

Marie W. Deering|1953?58

Mary Deering|Daughter of William/Sarah12/25/17853

Mary E. Deering|Wife of A.L.11/19/194878

Sarah Deering|Wife of William01/06/183884

Sarah Deering|Daughter of William/Eunice03/30/18154

Sarah W. Deering|Wife of Arthur9/30/192663

Susan C. Deering|Daughter of Isaac/Clarissa10/01/18323

Unknown Deering|Infants of Jonathan/Betsey0

William Deering|02/07/186083

William Deering|12/13/182980

James L. Hayes|Father04/03/187874

Mary C. Hayes|Mother03/21/188782

Mary R. Parker|Wife of Enoch03/06/184486

David G. Reed|Son of John/Eliza11/01/184910

Eliza R. Reed|Wife of John08/05/184938

Adeline Rumery|Daughter of Rishworth/Mary05/02/185727

Hannah Rumery|Sister of Sarah1820?60

Mary Rumery|Wife of Rishworth0

Rishworth Rumery|Son of Aaron1850?0