Cemetery List


Town House Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Hannah C. Allen|N/A0

Huldah Allen|Wife of John12/01/183941

John Allen|05/06/183981Revolut.

John Allen|Son of Thomas/ruth06/12/183952

Louisa R. Allen|Daughter of Thomas/Ruth08/18/185216

Mark Allen|Son of Thomas/Ruth04/19/18476

Mary Allen|Wife of Thomas09/25/184283

Nahum Allen|09/17/185725

Nathan Allen|Son of John/Mary11/28/185866

Rith Allen|Wife of Thomas01/17/185145

Ruth J. Allen|Daughter of Thomas/Ruth09/25/18426 mos.

William Allen|Son of John/Huldah12/16/184326

Stephen Andrews|08/26/189684

Eliza Jane Bacon|Wife of Francis06/15/185022

Abner Bagley|Son of James/Sarah05/06/185950

Dorcas H. Bagley|Wife of Joshua12/18/185263

Elenor M. Bagley|Wife of George09/08/185532

Ether S. Bagley|Son of James/Sarah12/27/185626

George R. Bagley|N/A0

James Bagley|03/31/186274

Joshua Bagley|08/28/186176

Olive N. Bagley|05/05/184423

Sarah Bagley|Wife of James02/24/186477

Albert A. Beal|Son of Henry/Ida5/17/195485

Henry Beal|10/12/191370Civil

Ida J. Beal|Wife of Henry2/5/194092

Everett L. Berry|Son of Charles/Ida08/30/18841

L.F. Berry|N/A0

Abigail Carle|01/01/18364

Abigail Carle|Wife of Silas09/23/185979

Mary Carle|Wife of Samuel03/06/188581

Samuel Carle|04/04/187776

Silas Carle|05/07/185882

Catharine Carll|Wife of Jeremiah10/30/188464

Edmund Carll|08/20/185531

Hipsabeth Carll|Wife of Jeremiah03/30/186963

Jeremiah Carll|01/02/188985

John Carll|04/24/185927

Annie Chadbourn|Wife of H.H.4/6/190087

Augustus E. Cluff|Son of Wm/Hannah Cluff08/19/187626

Bickford L. Cluff|01/01/1910?54

Hannah L. Cluff|Wife of William (Foss)3/7/191395

Laura J. Cluff|Daughter of Wm/Hannah05/23/186822

William Cluff|09/10/187364

Annie C. Coffin|wife of Charles10/26/188469

Etta Cole|Daughter of Albert/Sarah10/27/18623

Sarah L. Cole|Daughter of Albert/Sarah12/10/186814

Henry L. Deshon|11/13/186431civil

Irum L. Dillows|05/04/187354

Julia A. Dillows|Wife of Irum01/13/189670

Albert A. Durgin|1/19/192880

Benjamin Durgin|6/23/190282

Charles W. Durgin|9/8/190348

Dorcas Durgin|Wife of Benjamin08/13/187147

Ella R. Durgin|Wife of Albert (Tibbetts)8/31/192773

John C. Durgin|05/13/188342

Laura A. Durgin|Daughter2/15/191448

Lottie E. Durgin|3/23/195174

Seward Durgin|9/3/191556

Walter A. Durgin|8/11/194672

Laura E. Dyer|Wife of Albion Dyer07/02/188319

Elizabeth Ford|Wife of Miles08/24/189579

Lizzie J. Ford|Daughter Miles/Elizabeth05/14/187431

Abby F. Fowler|Daughter of Edward/Harriet09/12/18545

Darius P. Fowles|11/04/188071

Florence M. Fowles|Daughter of Darius/Nancy12/23/186919

Sarah W. Fowles|Wife of Darius02/06/189191

Cyrena Frost|Daughter of Peter/Phebe07/17/185125

Peter Frost|07/15/187680

Phebe Frost|Wife of Peter10/04/183840

Susan C. Frost|Wife of Peter06/27/188281

Patience C. Gerry|Wife of Joseph10/05/183624

Joanna Gilman|Wife of Jonathan10/21/183370

Jonathan Gilman|11/09/182874Revolut.

Porter Gilman|07/14/186472

Sally Gilman|Wife of Porter09/08/184959

Rose May Guptill|06/16/18912

Abigail Hamilton|Wife of John07/01/186576

Almira C. Hamilton|Adughter Benjamin/Sarah11/11/185426

Benjamin R. Hamilton|09/25/187883

Betsey Hamilton|Wife of Stephen04/16/186583

Cyrus K. Hamilton|Son of Ivory/Ruth05/01/18475

Ivory Hamilton|01/01/185739

Jane H. Hamilton|Wife of Jason5/2/190585

Jason Hamilton|09/02/188362

John Hamilton|09/06/182845War 1812

Julia F. Hamilton|Daughter of John/Abigail09/11/18263

Livonia Hamilton|Daughter of John/Abigail03/28/181718 mos.

Lydia Hamilton|Wife of Abel Hamilton Jr.09/07/184945

Mary Jane Hamilton|Daughter Stephen/Betsey12/27/186135

Ruth Hamilton|Wife of Ivory03/24/189172

Sarah C. Hamilton|Wife of Benjamin11/12/187478

Abigail Hardy|Wife of Robert09/16/182481

Robert Hardy|01/19/183187

Lydia N. Henderson|11/21/192865

Martha C. Hoffman|1/1/193556

N/A Holmes|Daughter of Walter/Maria02/21/189115 days

Eliza J. Hooper|Wife of Lorenzo (Philpot)6/16/191484

Lorenzo Hooper|Father6/2/191276Civil

Benjamin H. Hoyt|1/1/190771

Julia D. Hoyt|Wife of Benjamin1/1/191679

Elvira Huntress|03/08/185917

Eunice Huntress|Wife of Robert02/13/184542

Eunice Huntress|Wife of James06/10/184931

James K. Huntress|Son of James/Eunice07/26/18512

Louisa J. Huntress|09/27/184815

Robert Huntress|09/09/186067

Robert Huntress|Son of James/Eunice04/26/18461

William Huntress|08/13/184478

Lilian C. Kissman|9/5/192761

Harriet A. Knights|Daughter of James/Jane05/13/18263

James Knights|N/A0

Jane Knights|Wife of JamesN/A0

Abigail Leavitt|12/20/184655

Abigail Leavitt|Wife of Joseph06/03/181283

Betsey Leavitt|Wife of William08/08/185891

Betsey Leavitt|Daughter William/Betsey06/14/181520

Eddie Leavitt|Son of A/S. C.11/25/18640

Elizabeth Leavitt|Wife of James06/15/189170

Flora E. Leavitt|Daughter Benjamin/EA06/27/18572 mos.

J.W. Leavitt|Son of James/Lizzie05/06/187111

James Leavitt|09/07/187679

James B. Leavitt|Son of James/Nancy06/07/18534

Joseph Leavitt|10/21/180482

Lovey Leavitt|Wife of James07/31/182527

Lovey A. Leavitt|Daughter of James/Lovey03/16/183612

Nancy Leavitt|Wife of James11/04/185146

William Leavitt|10/22/183785

Ivory E. Libbey|01/01/186632

Lucinda Libbey|Wife of Ivory1/1/191281

Mary A. Libbey|Daughter of Ivory/Lucinda08/28/18666 mos.

N/A Libbey|Daughter of Ivory/Lucinda08/18/18620

Nellie A. Libbey|Daughter of Ivory/Lucinda04/20/18612 mos.

Caroline M. Low|Wife of Isaac11/05/188277

Isaac S. Low|09/11/185251

Julia Murray|N/A0

Appleton Nason|09/06/188453Civil

Caroline Nason|Wife of William09/01/185344

Charles H. Nason|1/1/192774

Clarissa Nason|Wife of John01/08/185345

Freeman Nason|08/09/189571Civil

Hannah Nason|05/05/185423

Jemima L. Nason|Daughter of John/Clarissa03/10/185413

John Nason|06/10/185750

William Nason|01/24/185247

William G. Nason|Son of John/Clarissa01/05/186324

Willie H. Nason|Son of Freeman/Eliza03/31/186111

Annie M. Nutter|Daughter of William/Sarah6/22/191452

Hannah Nutter|Daughter of William/Ruth02/01/184025

Katherine W. Nutter|Daughter of William/Sarah2/6/191157

N/A Nutter|Son of William/SarahN/A0

Ruth W. Nutter|Wife of William (Nutter)03/05/187287

Sarah A. Nutter|Wife of William08/24/188150

William A. Nutter|1/25/190682

William S. Nutter|03/09/187290

Alvah A. Page|Son of George/Anna02/03/187220

Charles Page|Son of George/Anna10/13/18494

Daniel F. Page|Son of George/Anna10/01/18496

George Page|01/08/186355

Jemina Page|Wife of George05/26/183429

Josephine Page|Daughter of George/Anna12/17/18512

Mulvey Page|Son of George/Anna11/01/18362

Willie G. Page|10/25/185611 mos.

George Parcher|11/27/185339

John Parcher|02/14/183761

Polly Parcher|Wife of John07/12/186281

Thomas L. Parcher|10/05/188365

John H. Philpot|Son of Seth/Ruth01/01/18570

Ruth H. Philpot|Wife of Seth1/1/190987

Seth Philpot|01/01/185747

William I. Philpot|1/1/192783WW I

Asa S. Rhoades|1/4/190973

Emily F. Rhoades|Wife of Asa1/25/190371

Ida M. Rhoades|Daughter of Asa/Emily05/08/18654

Edward G. Rowe|Son of J.C./Elizabeth09/11/18499 mos.

Elizabeth M. Rowe|Mother10/10/186644

Elizabeth P. Smith|Wife of Wesley9/15/191168

Wesley G. Smith|12/26/191257

Albion P. Taylor|Son of John/Mary09/29/18327

Edward P. Taylor|son of John/Mary07/03/18459

Eveline Taylor|1/7/190487

Jere Taylor|01/30/188381

John Taylor|10/18/185764

Mary Taylor|Wife of John05/17/187578

William Taylor|01/01/189384Civil

Abigail M. Walker|09/11/189978

Ivory L. Walker|10/24/189779

James F. Walker|01/01/1909?52

Charles Webb|11/16/187327

Alexander Welch|12/30/190263Civil

Mary E. Welch|Wife of Alexander Welch0

Harriete Whitney|1/1/190579

Abby R. Whood|10/21/186032

Abigail Whood|Wife of John05/04/185367

John W. Whood|03/22/187686

Lucinda H. Whood|Daughter of John/Abigail08/31/184423

Ann Marie Wood|Wife of George W. Wood05/05/188160

George W. Wood|09/27/188269