Cemetery List


Tibbetts Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Eliza B. Jellerson|1825?83Marble; broken

Guy K. Preslie|Son of Ben/Marcia05/28/18961Marble; broken

Macia M. Preslie|Wife of Ben02/22/189618Marble; placed on base 9/98

Alice Tibbetts|N/A78Marble; recemented into key 9/98

Ann M. Tibbetts|1850?8Marble; recemented into key 9/98

Annette Tibbetts|Daughter of Mark/Lydia02/08/18529 mos.Marble double stone fallen with Frank

Frank Tibbetts|Son of Mark/Lydia10/07/18675Marble double stone fallen with Annette

Hattie Tibbetts|1871?7Marble; on base 9/98

James Tibbetts|N/A15Marble; recemented into key 9/98

Jason Tibbetts|1849?26Marble; recemented 9/98

John Tibbetts|N/A20marble; clear but worn

Lydia A. Tibbetts|Wife of Mark8/13/190066Marble; broken

Mark Tibbetts|12/20/190069Marble; broken

Mary Tibbetts|Wife of William06/20/184255Marble recemented 9/98

Nancy Tibbetts|N/A24Marble; tilted

Sally T. Tibbetts|03/20/187253Marble; broken

Unknown Tibbetts|(infant)N/A0Marble; Broken

William T. Tibbetts|11/20/187788Marble; recemented into key 9/98

William Capt. Tibbetts|N/A75Marble; tilted but sound 8/98