Cemetery List


Hiram Thompson Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Hannah Smith|Wife of Noah11/20/186828

Ann Mariah Thompson|Wife of Jacob05/19/188476

Annie M. Thompson|Daughter of Jacob/Ann07/07/187223

Charlotte P. Thompson|Wife of Frederick1867195487

Evelyn A. Thompson|Daughter of F.E./C.P. Thompson1/30/199386Per Ardua on stone

Frederick E. Thompson|Son of Hiram/Maria Thompson12/31/193374

Gilbert B. Thompson|Son of F.E./C.P. Thompson8/12/196555

Hannah Thompson|Twin10/15/188469

Hiram Thompson|Twin09/12/189782

Hiram F. Jr. Thompson|Son of Hiram/Maria05/23/18632

Hiram W. Thompson|9/2/190359

Jacob Thompson|5/5/190191

Jacob Jr. Thompson|09/26/189861

Lewis Wm. Pvt. Thompson|6/15/198988WWII

Maria O. Thompson|Wife of Hiram12/28/190476

Noah Thompson|03/19/185372

Sally Thompson|Wife of Noah03/02/185777

V. Charlotte Thompson|Daughter of Fred/Charlotte1903?5 mos