Cemetery List


Cyrus Thing Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Abner Thing|Son of John/Betsey12/05/18461

Betsey Thing|Wife of John12/04/189275

Blanche Thing|N/A0

Catharine Thing|Wife of Charles1825Marble outside fence

Charles Thing|1829189970Marble outside fence

Charles H. Thing|Son of John/Sarah02/13/18421

Charles W. Thing|Son of John/Betsey07/16/18571

Cyrus C. Thing|Father1851193281

David Jr. Thing|09/05/184127

Grover E. Thing|1887195972

Inez Thing|Mother1864195288

John Thing|01/25/189082

Sarah A. Thing|Wife of John08/03/184130