Cemetery List


J. Sanborn Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Charles E. Abbott|Son of Moses/Charlotte10/05/184416Marble epoxied 10/94

Mary Abbott|Daughter Moses/Charlotte08/06/18274 mosMarble straightened 10/94

Moses Jr. Abbott|Son of Moses/Charlotte08/22/184412Marble broken/sunken

Henry Bean|01/22/189277Marble dble headstone (husband/wife)

Isaiah Bean|Son of Henry/Miriam09/24/188136Marble recemented 10/94

Miriam Bean|Wife of Henry Bean04/07/188971Marble dble headstone (husband/wife)

Relief Bean|Daughter of Henry/Miriam12/30/18531Marble set in key 10/94

Fredrick Clough|05/28/186340Marble cemented in key 10/94

Rozena A. Clough|Daughter of Fred/Almira05/24/18681Marble replaced in ground 10/94

John Knights|11/08/189575Marble epoxied 10/94

Albert Sanborn|01/18/188071Marble sound

Almira Sanborn|Wife of Daniel Sanborn10/24/188082Marble sound

Betsey Sanborn|Wife of Joseph Sanborn08/04/184383Slate sound

Daniel Sanborn|10/30/186368Marble sound

Dorothy Sanborn|Daughter of Joseph12/14/188815Marble broken in 2 pieces 10/94

Ellen M. Sanborn|Daughter of Dan/Almira09/24/18375Marble clear but worn

Elmira Sanborn|Wife of John Knights3/27/19050Marble sound

Joseph Sanborn|01/15/188273Marble broken in 2 pieces 10/94

Mary Sanborn|Wife of Joseph08/17/183530Marble cemented 10/94

Mary Sanborn|Wife of Stephen Sanborn06/14/186285Marble dble headstone (father/mother)

N/A Sanborn|3Marble badly eroded set in key 10/94

N/A Sanborn|Daughter of Joseph/Mary05/18/18394 daysMarble recemented 10/94

Otis F. Sanborn|02/12/186222CivilMarble sound

Sally Sanborn|Daughter of Stephen/Mary02/15/183433Marble set into ground 10/94

Sarah Sanborn|Wife of Nathaniel Witherell03/01/184252Marble recemented 10/94

Sarah K. Sanborn|12/04/188060Marble sound

Sewell D. Sanborn|Son of Dan/Almira05/03/18287Marble sound

Stephen Sanborn|12/31/186087marble dble headstone (father/mother)

Stephen B. Sanborn|11/5/191390CivilMarble sound



Nathaniel Witherell|10/01/182637Marble epoxied 10/94