Cemetery List


Roberts/Wakefield Cemetery Deceased

Name RelationsBirthDate of deathAgeVet StatusMarkerMarker ConditionNotes

Aaron Rhodes|1/12/190033Marble sound cleaned 10/92

Ruth Rhodes|Wife of Aaron06/06/185344Marble no base 11/92

Charles H. Roberts|Son of rufus/Elizabeth06/27/18461Marble set in ground

Ida Roberts|Wife of Frank J. Roberts04/26/187218Marble reset 5/93

James Roberts|01/22/186180Marble Broken

John H. Roberts|Son of Joseph/Hannah09/05/186213 mosMarble unsound

John H. Roberts|son of Joseph/Hannah01/03/18524Marble sound

Lydia Roberts|Wife of James06/24/18500Marble reset on base 5/93

Mary E. Roberts|Daughter Joseph/Hannah10/11/186112Marble unsound

Mary Elizabeth Roberts|Daughter Joseph/Hanah02/22/18466 mosMarble sound

N/A Roberts|Son of Joseph/Hannah07/23/18580Marble sound (infant)

Rufus Roberts|05/17/184628Marble reset in ground 5/93

N/A Unknown|MotherN/A0Granite

N/A Unknown|FatherN/A0Granite

Betsy Wakefield|Wife of Israel12/28/187571Marble repaired 10/92

Israel Wakefield|04/18/187433Marble repaired 10/92

Israel G. Wakefield|09/04/186370Marble replaced footing 11/92

Lydia R. Wakefield|Daughter of Israel/Betsy09/10/184318Marble cemented footing 10/92

Mary A. Wakefield|Daughter of Israel/Betsy12/29/183317 mosMarble cemented in base 10/92

Rufus R. Wakefield|Son of Israel/Betsy11/18/186519Marble cemented bottom 11/92

Sally Wakefield|Daughter of Israel/Betsy10/08/18337 mosMarble reset 10/92

Sally Wakefield|Daughter of Israel/Betsy10/25/183218 mosMarble reset 10/92

Sarah G. Wakefield|Daughter of Israel/Betsy09/19/18404 mosMarble cemented in base 10/92

Freddie Webber|Son of Charles/Elize04/14/18854Marble unsound