Cemetery List


Name StreetGPSLocationDescriptionMap#

A. (John) Jellerson Cemetery|Jellerson Rd.1/2 mile from Rte. 202 on the right-hand side of driveway. Coordinates: N43 33.740' W070 40.437'Survey Condition: N/A

A. Chase / Newbegin Cemetery|Middle Roadeast side 3.3 miles from jnct West/Middle near stone wallSurvey Condition: 45' x 48' w stone wall by Middle Rd.

A. Gray Cemetery|Off Clark's Bridge Roadon Carpenter RoadSurvey Condition: 30'x30' lot with granite posts

A. Guptill (aka Guptill/McLucas) Cemetery|Cross Rd/Ossipee Hill Rd.SE side 1.3 mile from Rt 5 - into woods 1/2 mileSurvey Condition: 26' x 31' stone wall / 1/2 mile into woods

A. Thing Cemetery|Middle RdRoss Corner junction north about 1.5 mi wooded knollSurvey Condition: 36' x 30' with stone fencing/posts

Allen Cemetery|Location: Middle Roadeast side 3.7 miles from jnct West Rd. field NESurvey Condition: 21' x 24' / a few iron rods in cement

Avery Cemetery|South side Avery Rdgoing West from Star Hill about 1/2 mileSurvey Condition: 60' x 45' stone wall w/ 9x7 entrance

Bagley/Nason Cemetery|Bagley Roadwest side 1 mile from jnct. Rt. 5Survey Condition: 54' x 36' stone wall w/buffer of trees

Bean Marker|At Scribner Cemetery on Federal Street

Ben Ricker Cemetery|Ossipee Hill Road7/10 miles from Old Alfred Road. On knoll in deep woods NE of Darryl Delano's house.Survey Condition: No walls but found on knoll 15' x 35'

Bowdoin Monument|West side of Middle Rd.1.6 miles from jct West Rd.Survey Condition: N/A

C. Andrews Cemetery|Andrews Lane off Middle Rd.1.6 miles from West Rd. -- end of laneSurvey Condition: Stone walls on knoll

C. Mills Cemetery|Chadbourne's RidgeExt. - SE side - may be lostSurvey Condition:

Caleb Carpenter Cemetery|Route 51.2 miles North of Chadbournes Ridge Rd.-Post OfficeSurvey Condition: Chainlink fence and stonewall at back.

Carlisle Cemetery|Bagley Road.3 miles from Rt. 5 west on woods road 1/2 mile site is NNWSurvey Condition: 24' x 20' stonewall pass Kennerson

Carll Cemetery|Ossipee Hill Road1.6 miles from Rt 5 rear of Victor Wright's houseSurvey Condition: 32' x 17' NE of Vic Wright hse on east side

Chadbourne/Hooper Cemetery|Hooper Hillsouth side off Deering RidgeSurvey Condition: 80' x 38' stone posts w/bolts on top

Charles Henderson marker Cemetery|North side Rt 2025 .4 miles from townline -- rear and east of gravel pitSurvey Condition: Fenced with chain & pipe

Chase/Stevens Cemetery|Clark's Bridge Roadsouth side opposite Carpenter houseSurvey Condition: Metal fence with decorative gate

Chick Cemetery|West Rd..3 miles from townline -- just into woodsSurvey Condition: N/A

Colcord/Smith/Chadbourne Cemetery|West/Middle Rdsits in triangle Old Corner Burying GroundSurvey Condition: 50' x 30' stone wall w/ brook along back border 50 or more unmarked field stones

Cyrus King Hamilton Cemetery|Between salt shed at the town dump on Bennett Road.Survey Condition: Approx. 60' x 65' with small stone wall. All slate stones.

Cyrus Thing Cemetery|Middle Rd.north .8 miles from West Rd. fenced/granite postSurvey Condition:

D. Andrews Cemetery|Middle Road on Bertha McAloon's property - may be lostSurvey Condition: N/A

Dam Cemetery|Ossipee Hill RdWest side opp CMP pole #70/21/50Survey Condition:

David Jellerson Cemetery|Rt. 202 & 5south side next to Waterboro/Lyman townlineSurvey Condition:

Day Cemetery|Route 5 est.2 miles N of Chadbourne's Ridge Rd-Post OfficeSurvey Condition: No fence large monument/name stones

Deering Cemetery|Deering Ridge Rd.on East side 2.2 miles from Townhouse Rd.Survey Condition: N/A

Dominicus Warren Cemetery|Roberts Ridge Rd.West side 1/2 mile from Town House Rd.Survey Condition:

Downs/Carpenter Cemetery|Rt. 202East side 9/10 mile from jnc. West/Main St. WaterboroSurvey Condition: On hill back of Stuart's home - 1999

Drowns Cemetery|Route 51.5 mile on from Chadbourne Ridge Road and .25 miles up hill on west side.Survey Condition: No wall or protection. One other unmarked grave site.

Drowns-Thompson Cemetery|Carpenter or Gray Rd.1/10 mile from jct Carpenter/Garland Rds SW sideSurvey Condition: N/A

Dudley Cemetery|Route 5N.W. Garland Rd. on old racetrack landSurvey Condition: 37'x40' stone wall

Earl/Gerry/Whitehouse Cemetery|SE side Chadbourne's Ridge Rd.Ext 2 miles from Bradeen LaneSurvey Condition: 110' x 120' stonewall contains unmarked headstones.

East Waterboro Village Cemetery|Rt. 202 and 5next to library in East WaterboroSurvey Condition:

Elder Grey Cemetery|Chadbourne Ridge Rd.opposite Elder Grey Meeting House.Survey Condition: Stones totaling 19 without names

Emery/Woodward Cemetery|Middle Road (abandoned)West sideSurvey Condition: cellar holes along trails

Flood Cemetery|Webber Rd.on West side 1 mile from Chadbourne Ridge Rd.Survey Condition: N/A

Gardner Cemetery|McLucas Road50 feet on NE side beyond McLucas CemeterySurvey Condition: 20' x 20' walled enclosed

George Hall Cemetery|West Rd.Rear of Grange HallSurvey Condition: 40' x 35' double stone walls with pole and chain fence.

George Thing Cemetery|Abandoned Clark's Bridge Rd.1.1 miles frm Thing's Mill Rd - north side by wallSurvey Condition: 30' x 30' stonewall w/ metal gatelike fnce

Gile Cemetery|East side Star Hill Rd on curveSurvey Condition: 30' x 30' stone post & rods

Gowen Cemetery|West Rd.SW side 1.5 miles from Federal/West Rds.Survey Condition: Unfenced next to road

H. Cluff Cemetery|Cluff Lanenorth side of Ossipee Hill Rd. 7/10 mile from Old Alfred RoadSurvey Condition: 27' x 30' stone wall

Hamilton Cemetery|Rt 202 & Straw Mill Brook Rd. Survey Condition: 26' x 35' outlined in granite posts

Hamilton/Carll/Ricker Cemetery|Hamilton Rd.in LymanSurvey Condition:

Hannah Carpenter Cemetery|Thyng's Mills Road2/10 mile from jnct Carpenter/Clark's Bridge RoadSurvey Condition: Chain around three sides fronts the road.

Henry Thompson Cemetery|Ossipee Hill Rd. SE side 1.7 mSurvey Condition: 26' x 31' stone wall/ next to the road

Hill Cemetery|Rt. 5est. about 1 mile from N. Waterboro Post OfficeSurvey Condition: 62' x 50' of stone wall w/wooden fence

Hill-Fisk Cemetery|Middle Roadwest side .2 mi from Ross Corner 3 sides barbwireSurvey Condition: 20' x 60' stonewall on Middle Rd. side

Hill/Cook Cemetery|Off Middle Roadeast onto Cook Mt Rd 1/2 mileSurvey Condition: Granite posts/bars w/4 granite steps

Hill/Pitts Cemetery|Middle Roadeast side .4 miles from Ross Corner junctionSurvey Condition: 35' x 35' on bluff above Middle Rd.

Hiram Thompson Cemetery|Ossipee Hill RoadSE side 1.4 miles from Rt5/Old Alfred Rd in rear of houseSurvey Condition:

Hobbs (II) Cemetery|Middle Rd.may be lostSurvey Condition:

Hobbs Cemetery|Knight Roadabout 1/2 mile up crest follow stone wall to cemeterySurvey Condition: Stone cracked 8/98

Horace Thing Cemetery|Nature Conservancy property near Thyngs Mill (North Waterboro)Survey Condition: 30' x 30' with granite posts as border

I. Chadbourne Cemetery|West side Bradeen Lane.4 miles from Chadbourne's Ridge RoadSurvey Condition: 54' wide w granite post/some wire.

I. Smith Cemetery|West RoadNE side 3.5 miles from jnct West/Federal St.Survey Condition: no fence - 14 field stones scattered about

Israel Coffin Cemetery|West RdNorth side 4 miles from Federal St.Survey Condition: N/A

J. Benson Cemetery|Benson LaneNorth side .3 miles from Jnct Chadbourne's Rdg Ext.Survey Condition: 35' x 33' partial stonewall

J. Hanson Cemetery|West side of Middle Rd2.2 miles from jct West Rd - 100 yds on old woods roadSurvey Condition: 45' x 40' 100 yds. by Batchelder Farm

J. Henderson Cemetery|Lost now to widening of Rts 202 and 5Survey Condition:

J. Lord Cemetery|Chadbourne's RidgeExt. - SE side - may be lostSurvey Condition:

J. Mills Cemetery|Chadbourne Ridge Rd.Ext.- may be lostSurvey Condition: N/A

J. Sanborn Cemetery|Middle Rd.west side 2.6 miles from jnct Ross Rd/Clark's Bridge RoadSurvey Condition: 30' x 75' with metal bars/stone posts

Jellerson Cemetery|Jellerson Rd.east side 1/3 mile from Rt 202Survey Condition: Fenced with piping

John Henderson Cemetery|Ross Corneropposite CMP Pole 19 about 1 mile from Clark's Bridge RoadSurvey Condition: 20-30 ft in from CMP pole 19

Johnson (II) Cemetery|Rt 5west side North Waterboro - above the fieldSurvey Condition: 45' x 54' stonewall w/ iron gate

Johnson Cemetery|Federal St.SE side about 9/10 mile from West Rd.Survey Condition: Area surrounded by fence

Johnston Cemetery|Waterboro Rd.East side at jnc. Whitehouse Rd./Hollis townlineSurvey Condition: Fenced with iron pipe in field by Hollis

Jonathan Thompson Cemetery|Ossipee Hill Rd.SE side rear of Henry Thompson Cemeteryabout 1/4 mile into woods.Survey Condition:

Jones Cemetery|East side of Rte 5at jct. of Lillian Way in N. Waterboro.Survey Condition: 30' x 50' w/granite posts/barbed wire

Joshua Hill Cemetery|Ross Corner Roadon east side 1.1 miles from Clark's Bridge Rd.Survey Condition: 16' x 20' with new chain/metal posts

Knights/Kimball Cemetery|Rt. 5on West side North Waterboro North side of Knight's FarmSurvey Condition: 27' x 54' stone wall on knoll

L. Walker Cemetery|West side Knight Rd.about 1/8 to 1/4 mile in from Ossipee Hill Road. Above sand bank in trees. N 43 34.582 W 70 44.031Survey Condition: 5 field stones 2 marked no walls or protection.

L. Weymouth Cemetery|HollisSurvey Condition: 36' x 50' stone wall E s has stone posts

Levi Thing Cemetery|Abandoned. Clark's Bridge Rd.1 mile fr. Thyng's Mill Rd -- North side 50+ ftSurvey Condition: 50' x 50' granite posts & bars

M. Brown Cemetery|Bagley Rd.SW side next to stone wallSurvey Condition: East of Clapper residence

McKenney Cemetery|Ossipee Hill Rdeast side 4/10 mile from Junct of Straw Mill Brk Rd. north side in woods 150' no wallsSurvey Condition: 30' x 20' on east side Ossipee Hill Road

McLucas Cemetery|McLucas RoadNE side Lookout Tower Road 1 mile from WaterboroSurvey Condition: Well-kept stone walls

Mercy Chase Cemetery|Middle Rd.Survey Condition: Hillside across brook

Mitchell/Sedgley Cemetery|Chadbourne Ridge Rd.Ext. 1 mile east of Bradeen Rd./Chadbourne Ridge Rd. junction.Survey Condition: 40' x 35' stone walls

Nahum Walker/Williams Cemetery|Carpenter Road.35 miles from jnct. of Garland RoadSurvey Condition: Rock wall surrounds markers

Nason Cemetery|Bagley Roadwest side 8/10 mile in from Rt. 5Survey Condition: 40' x 45' stonewall with gate

Nathaniel Carpenter Cemetery|south side Clark's Bridge RoadSurvey Condition: Walled.

Nicholas Carpenter Headstone|Clarks Bridge Roada short distance outside the south wall of the Nathaniel Carpenter site on a knoll ~ Survey Condition: N/A

Noah Ricker Cemetery|Ossipee Hill Rd.East side 3.1 miles south of Straw Mill Brk Rd. 200'Survey Condition: wooded site - no wall

O. Bagley Cemetery|Cluff Lanenorth side of Ossipee Hill Rd. 7/10 mile from Old Alfred Rd.Survey Condition: site may be lost 9/99

Oliver Hamilton Cemetery|Hamilton Roadnext to J. Hamilton's house on SW sideSurvey Condition: N/A

Patten Cemetery|Ossipee Rd.may be lostSurvey Condition: N/A

Peter Morrill Cemetery|East side Strout Lane opp. Strout cellar holeSurvey Condition: Stone wall- 4 field stones unnamed

Peter Warren Cemetery|West Roadrear house .4m jnct West/Federal St. North sideSurvey Condition: No walls many unknown markers

Philpot Cemetery|Roberts Ridge Rd.East side 1/2 miles from Rt. 5Survey Condition: N/A

Pine Grove North Cemetery|Rt. 5Clark's Bridge Road/Community Baptist ChurchSurvey Condition: N/A

Pine Grove South Cemetery|West Roadacross from high schoolNote: Records to June 1993 only.

Pitts Cemetery|West Rdmay be lostSurvey Condition: N/A

Porter Knights Cemetery|Nathan Smith Roadoff Route 117 in Hollis. Cemeteryis on south (left) side approx. 40' on knoll within stone wall. N 43 34.931 W 70 46.858Survey Condition: Enclosed by stone wall.

R. Knight Cemetery|Deering Ridge Rd.on West side -- close to road/Eliz Mitchell houseSurvey Condition: 36' x 50' stone wall east side has stone posts

Redlon/Knight Cemetery|Rt. 5East side opp. entrance to Bagley Rd.Survey Condition: 30' x 30' stonewall 6 unmarked fieldstones

Rhoades Cemetery|Gile Rd.SE 1/10 mile on Asa Rhoades farm 50' on pine knollSurvey Condition: Pine knoll on Asa Rhoades farm

Ricker Cemetery|Middle Rd.west side .7 miles from jnct West/Middle - 100 yds on tote road leftSurvey Condition: 75' x 60' with stone wall and large pine

Roberts Monument Cemetery|Abandoned Clark's Bridge. Rd1.2 miles from jct Carpenter/Garland RdsSurvey Condition:

Roberts Ridge Cemetery|Roberts Ridge Rd.1/2 mile from Townhouse Road almost opposite Dominicus Warren.Survey Condition: Stone wall site marked by moose maple

Roberts/Wakefield Cemetery|Townhouse Rd.almost to Robert's RidgeSurvey Condition: 64' x 48' Roberts Family Monuments

S. Lewis Cemetery|End of Lord's Lane.3 miles on dirt rd. left side to Lewis LaneSurvey Condition: 30' x 36' with pipe fencing Schist illegible/6 sites Schist illegible/5 sites

Samuel Cammett Burial Site|Directly behind the Levi Thing Cemeterya completely walled in cemetery approx. 25 feet square. No stones standing at this point.

Scribner Cemetery|Federal Streetnorth side 1.4 miles from West/Federal St.Survey Condition: 93' x 84' stone wall

Sedgley Cemetery|Corner Benson's Lane/Chadbornes Rdg Rd ExtSurvey Condition: 23' x 28' stone wall

Seth Walker Cemetery|Old Ossipee Mountian Roadapprox. 500 yds on left side of walled roadSurvey Condition: 36' x30' broken iron fencing

Sinclair Cemetery|Right side of Carpenter Rd..77 miles from junction with Garland Rd. north approx. 150' on old logging road then east short distance. N 43 38.205 and W 70 46.737.Survey Condition: Stone wall surrounds 8 slate stones

Smith/Bean Cemetery|Middle Rd.SE side opposite waterfall/Cook Mt Rd .4 milesSurvey Condition: 30' x 45' w/stone/granite posts on east side

Smith/Coffin Cemetery|West Rd.north side .6 miles from Federal St. by Stultz houseSurvey Condition: 27' x 54' stone wall on knoll

Stevens Cemetery|Carpenter Roadright side beyond WalkerSurvey Condition: Rock wall surrounds marker

T. Hanson Cemetery|Townhouse Rd.East side 4/10 mile from Webber Rd. on a bankingSurvey Condition: 30' x 30' no wall

T. Weymouth Cemetery|HollisSurvey Condition: 36' x 50' stone wall E side has stone posts

Taylor/Chase Cemetery|Waterboro - rear Blaisdell Memorial Baptist ChurchSurvey Condition: Area surrounded by fence

Thomas Smith Cemetery|Top Ossipee Hill site of Thomas Smith Farm - site destroyedSurvey Condition:

Tibbetts Cemetery|Roberts Ridge Rd.West side 1/2 mile frm Rt. 5 on top slopeSurvey Condition:

Timothy Thing Cemetery|West Rd.1.8 miles from jnct. of Federal/West Rd.Survey Condition: Located between garage & stone wall

Town Farm Cemetery|Route 5North WaterboroSurvey Condition: Rear of old Town Farm

Town House Cemetery|Waterboro Center behind Town House in memory of John TaylorSurvey Condition: 12 stones without names


Unknown (Day?) Cemetery|Garland Rd.1.6 miles from Rt. 5 30'off rgt Day/WoodsomeSurvey Condition: 34' x 18' granite posts/iron fence unmarked fieldstones

Unknown Cemetery|end of Benson Lanealmost to New Dam Rd. on bank south sideSurvey Condition: walled

Valley Family Cemetery|Private cemetery on West Rd.about .3 miles from the Town line.Survey Condition:

Wallace Cemetery|Bagley Rd.6 mi. Rt 5 go E on lane .1mi. S sideSurvey Condition: Slight rise to S up by stone wall

Webber Cemetery|Webber Roadon East side 1 mile from Chadbourne Ridge RoadSurvey Condition: 25' x 25' w stonewall on 3 sides

West Road Community Cemetery|West Rd.3 miles from Massabesic High School on west sideSurvey Condition: 118' x 140' surrounded by stone wall

Weymouth Cemetery|Deering Ridge Rd.West side .7 miles from Rt. 202Survey Condition: 36' x 50' stone wall east side has stone posts

William Swett Cemetery|McLucas Roadnorth side .8 miles beyond turn-off for fire towerSurvey Condition: 36' x 50' cement base iron pipe fence

William Thing Cemetery|SE side of West Roadapproximately 5 miles from high school and 7/10 mile from town line. About 100 yds into woods.Survey Condition: Stone walls with granite posts

William Woodward Cemetery|Chadbourne Ridge RdExt .2 miles from Bradeen Lane - North into woodsSurvey Condition: 10 unmarked stones

Woodward Cemetery|West side Ross Corner Road.4 mile from Clark's Bridge Road 1/2 mile inSurvey Condition: 30' x 30' stonewall

Woodward/Tingley Cemetery|Bagley Road2/3 mile from Clark's Bridge Road west side 2 monumentsSurvey Condition: 50' x 84' surrounded by stone wall/steps